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  1. Follow the steps below to clear a paper jam at the front of your Brother machine. Unplug your Brother machine from the AC power outlet (electrical socket). Pull the paper tray (1) completely out of your Brother machine. Pull out the jammed paper (1).
  2. Learn how to fix a paper jam in your fax machine with a demonstration in this free business tools video on how to use a fax machine. About the Author Mark Westling is the owner of All Brands Copiers.
  3. Before you can clear a "PAPER JAM" or "PRINTER JAM" error, you must locate where in the unit the paper is jammed. First, unplug the machine for safety and disconnect the telephone line. Next, follow these instructions based on where the paper jam is located.
  4. HP OfficeJet fax machines can store a limited number of fax pages in their memories, with the number of pages depending on the model. If the machine runs out of paper or has a jam, it will store the incoming fax in memory until you print it. To print faxes stored in memory, press Menu, 2, and then 3. This selects the Reprint Faxes in Memory option.
  5. Jul 26,  · Turn off the printer and let cool for thirty minutes. Turn off the printer. Allow to cool for at least thirty minutes, or confirm with your user manual that the mechanism around the paper jam is a safe temperature. For added safety, unplug the annapissoudelicihopersubtstomous.coinfo: K.
  6. For the models with FAX functions: Open the Jam Clear Cover (1) at the back of the machine. Insert one sheet of thick letter or A4 sized paper, such as glossy paper (1), and insert it into the machine through the opening at the back of the machine as shown in the illustration below.
  7. During a print job, the printer stops feeding pages, and a Paper Jam has occurred. Clear the jam, and then press OKerror message displays on the printer control panel. This indicates that paper might be jammed inside the printer.
  8. Send a Fax Entering a Fax Number with the Alphanumeric Keys → Place your documents (p). If the document guides are too loose or too tight, this may result in IMPORTANT IMPORTANT misfeeds or paper jams. → Switch to the Fax mode (p).

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